About Us

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Located in the picturesque Green Mountains of Southern Vermont, nestled at the base of Mount Equinox, you will find the beautiful New England town of Manchester. The area is a shopping mecca that combines the quaint local shops with the glamorous names of 5th Avenue; Eileen Fisher, Armani, Ralph Lauren and Orvis. There you will also find a jewelry store that has a family tradition dating back to 1897.

The family business was started by Nina’s grandfather while in the carriage trade of New York City. To accommodate with the changing times the store relocated to the Bronx. In 1982, Nina and Ray Mohr opened Nina Jewelry in Factory Point Square. It was there in a tiny shop that Nina’s established a pricing policy never before tried by a quality jeweler.

The Nina Jewelry Shop of Manchester, Vermont chooses to sell quality jewelry at a lower profit. Also, Nina sells diamonds like no one else sells diamonds. So, if you’re looking for a special diamond for that special someone in your life, we will give you a half hour of our time and walk you through the 4c’s of the diamond and how that relates to that all important 5th C - cost.

It is with this philosophy and a strong advertising campaign that Nina moved to its larger and present location on Routes 11/30. Housed within a white brick colonial you will find a family and their dogs working together to make your experience of purchasing fine jewelry truly memorable.